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Bridging the gap between Video and Lighting...

My focus is on media server and video control, integration, and programming. As a programmer, I maintain a diverse portfolio and familiarity with today’s cutting-edge equipment and technology. Now more than ever programmers must have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of much of the industry’s leading equipment. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each piece of equipment and how they communicate to one another ensures speed and efficiency in achieving design goals. Although I primarily focus on media servers these days, I do still program lighting. Bouncing back and forth between video and lighting helps me develop new methods and approaches to programming.

As our industry grows in complexity it is increasingly important to know more than just how to program the console. With that in mind, I also tap on other resources such as Lua, Max/MSP/Jitter, and AppleScripting for projects that require advanced control and integration with MIDI controllers, automation control protocols, encoders, live human input, and more. As media servers continue to move into the realms of 3d programming environments it is becoming more and more important to understand 3d modeling and UV mapping.

I firmly believe that the best programmers have technical ability, a good sense of design, and the ability to maintain a close relationship with designers.

I hold and maintain an ACT card which allows me to work on Broadway and other productions requiring union personnel, as well as have workers compensation coverage and general liability insurance to meet the needs of any worldwide production.
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